500 SQM
8 Weeks
XR Trading is an expanding US company, establishing a presence in Nth. Sydney. The brief was to build 20 workstations with the capability to grow to 40. With space looking hollow and too empty the solution was to build the workstations in clusters around the office and fill the other spaces with breakout tables.

The client wanted an agile space that could easily open up for functions and close for boardroom meetings without feeling 'enclosed'. They also wanted the space to be able to hold a whiteboard.

We built a lateral operable wall (the weight of the wall is supported by overhead track system and structural steel that we installed in the ceiling space so that it was hidden when in use.) This alleviated the need to have a track system on the floor to guide the doors. They were keen to have this area light-filled: an aluminium framed glass system fulfilled that requirement.

In addition, by painting the wall with whiteboard paint they had their 7m whiteboard, rather than those unsightly whiteboards on wheels that take up a lot of space