Crown And Marks

November 2013
Complete new office fit out for Crown & Marks, a global executive search firm. QVS was briefed to thoroughly fit-out their new Sydney offices, paying particular attention to the client’s desire to showcase their modern outlook and professionalism. This was to be achieved through the renovation or bottom-up construction of new internal offices, a boardroom, meeting rooms, common areas (including a renovated kitchen), and an impactful new reception area.
Clearly, for an executive search firm, anonymity is crucial and soundproofed offices are a must. Having said that, what most builders don’t think about is that no matter how soundproof the walls are, sound travels through ceiling spaces. We installed a lead lined fabric in the ceilings to deliver the privacy they needed. To save costs, we had a draftsperson draw up the plans to their satisfaction.
New disabled access legislation came into effect shortly after starting this project, which affected the width of the doors and corridors and reduced the size of the meeting rooms making them too small. We took it upon ourselves to engage a disabled access consultant, who came up with a workaround, rather than merely complying with the onerous BCA disability code, Having now made the space usable, we also ensured that one of the meeting rooms complied with the disabled access code by just changing the location of the door