Posh Foods

775 SQM
10 Weeks
QVS was briefed to demolish existing facilities, walls and a concrete slab then fit out the building with a commercial factory kitchen, cold storage a new steel mezzanine and office offices. As the factory is used for food preparation, QVS was briefed on the requirements for all work to be in accordance with commercial premises, food preparation and refrigeration Standards, Codes and Guidelines.
Apart from the toilets, there was no sewer plumbing and there were at least 10 locations that needed sink connections. To do this we had to cut 120 lineal meters of trenching through 280mm slabs. After the new pipes had been laid into the slabs, we reinstated the structural integrity of the slab with starter bars, chemical anchors and lots of steel to tie the slabs back together again. It's loud, messy, time consuming and needs specialised knowledge - we brought in a team of specialist concrete cutters and finished this within 5 days, ensuring we met the structural engineer's specifications.
Our client wanted storage space. We suggested a steel mezzanine floor rather than using his production floor for storage; this gave him, an extra 50sqm of production area