Independent monitoring consultants (IMC)

900 SQM
15 weeks – multiple stages
This testing laboratory had to continue to operate throughout the build because they couldn’t afford the downtime. For the Lab to operate, we had to ensure there was zero dust or contaminants in the air otherwise their dust monitors for compliance would instantly light up and by doing so, would null and void their operations.

The owners, first builder butchered the ceiling grid to such an extent that the level of contaminants meant the testing facilities were shut downfor seven days. QVS then took over the fit-out and there were no further incidents as we were particularly careful with the preparation. The clients were happy there were no further disruptions to their operations.
We had to put a new autoclave into the site which meant the lab would need a power upgrade. The substation at the front of the street didn’t have the capacity, and council was wanting $500,000 to upgrade it. Eric was able to legally utilize another substation that had the capacity and didn’t cost the client a cent.