Norwest Productions

2,500 sqm
8 weeks
Norwest productions do large scale productions’ for international touring concerts, operas theaters and sporting events which is why they need a large-scale warehouse for storage and production. They had very tight timeframes between signing the lease and moving from the existing premises and like many businesses a tight budget.

The client sketched what he wanted and we had to build it off the sketches ensuring it met all the BCA codes, access and egress pathways. With his sketch and our set outs, the corridors had to meet the BCA codes with budget as a key driver. We changed a number of our practices to ensure we met the clients budget whilst building the site to the functionality needed.
The space needed two cool rooms, and instead of building these from scratch to meet the budget, Eric saw a cost saving opportunity to dismantle the cool room in the old premises, transport the components to a new location and rebuild to suit the new purpose.

Our first challenge was getting these down safely, putting them on a truck, transporting and reconstructing them so they were operational at the new site, however the heavy panels created another challenge. To move them safely, they had to be lifted and supported from the 6m ceiling above - we used booker rods to hold the ceiling safely in place. The coolroom roof isn’t going anywhere!

Understanding the need for cost savings, we were happy to reuse some of the glass from the old fit out. A lot of contractors won’t because glass becomes brittle with age and difficult to work with. The team handled the glass with care so that it didn’t break.