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Designing Retail Stores For Customer Intuition
06 March 2018
An inspiring retail design and fit-out can do a lot to motivate customers away from their computers and back into malls, shopping centres and bricks and mortar retail. One leading designer believes the answer is creating a retail experience that…
15 February 2018
In the way that location, location, location acts as the cautionary and repetitive mantra for real estate purchasing, planning, planning and planning should be the same for anybody fitting out a restaurant, bar or cafe. If you’re in concept stage…
Business Relocation – Surviving the Move
18 August 2017
Your business is doing well and has outgrown its current space. Time to relocate.  Exciting times, however there are a few things to consider. Relocating a business is not a simple one step process. From the initial planning through to…
Green Star Rating
10 May 2017
Australia is in the midst of a green building revolution with developers keen to go green.  At QVS we have embraced the green philosophy to work with our clients to reduce the environmental impact of their buildings through the reduction…