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Green Star Rating
10 May 2017
Australia is in the midst of a green building revolution with developers keen to go green.  At QVS we have embraced the green philosophy to work with our clients to reduce the environmental impact of their buildings through the reduction…
Make Good
29 January 2016
Making Sure You Make Good: Advice from the Make Good Experts Thanks to Sydney’s strong and still-growing economy and job market, commercial property vacancy rates in the Sydney area are forecast to reach 15-year lows by the end of 2017.Landlords…
DA's vs. CDC's for Commercial Interior Construction?
17 November 2015
Do I Need a Development Application? Understanding the Requirements When it comes to questions about fit outs and commercial interior construction work, the experts at QVS have heard it all. In terms of frequency, queries about Development Application requirements are…
Noise Transfer
19 October 2015
Controlling The Noise: Strategies for Noise Reduction by Minimising Noise Transfer Every year, the International Facility Management Association produces a ranked list of workplace complaints, and every year privacy and noise complaints crack the top 10. The top two complaints—“workplace…