200 SQM
4 Days
The clients wanted to revamp their physio and orthopaedic treatment space to reflect the cutting edge treatments and technologies they are using. To minimise the loss of income, we started the project 5pm on a Thursday and had the clinic operational by the following Monday at noon. In this short timeframe, we laid new carpet, worked on the ceiling, knocked out and rebuilt walls, rebuilt the reception area, upgraded the electricals and replaced all lighting with LED lights.
This project had an extraordinarily tight timeframe and was completed in 4 nights. Programming was very defined: the demolition crew worked on Thursday night and Friday morning, carpenters came in Friday and Saturday, Saturday and Sunday the electricians and carpet layers - in effect a tag team completing it section by section. Sunday night the painters arrived, Monday morning at 4am the cleaners came through and 9am the project was completed for our client Jake to be trading at 12.